Stony Point is a community north of Charlottesville, Virginia with a
long, rich history dating back to settlement in the 1720s.  
You can reach Stony Point by traveling Route 20 North from Charlottesville -
all along the way you'll see the Southwest Mountains to the East and
the Blue Ridge off to the West.

Stony Point Central seeks to represent community members who lie within
the Stony Point School district and serve as an online community resource
to help Stony Point family and friends stay connected to the school,
community organizations, the land and each other.

This is our community Web site - so if something is missing or wrong,
you have some stories to tell, an event to share, or you want to add a
listing in the business or classified area:

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November 30, Holiday Fest and Blood Drive at the Ruritan
Help a Stony Point neighbor and take care of your holiday shopping.

Come to the Ruritan for a pancake breakfast (8am to 11am), tree sale and gift shopping.

*Santa arriving on Fire Truck at 9am!  Ho Ho Ho

Also, a blood drive in honor of Cathy Linebrink will be going on from 9-1pm.

Trees on sale courtesy of the Boy Scouts.  This is from 8am to 1pm.

Fresh Stony Point Honey for Sale

1lb - $8
2lb - $15

Email: krad1964@gmail.com, Phone: 974-7541

Did You Know?

  Nature Trails
  • We have nature trails in the area for walking.   One trail is owned by the Nature Conservancy off of Burnt Mill Road called Fernbrook Natural Area.   It is a loop trail leading up to the Rivanna River.  Great hike for families or for runners.

    See pictures of the summit at the end of trail by the Rivanna River.

    George and Jacintha Paschall donated the 63-acre tract in 1963 as a land gift and requested that it be preserved in its natural state. 

    The land was originally purchased in the 1700s for $45--to be paid in installments over a nine-year period. Prior to 1963, it was used for agriculture, cattle and timber. For the first time since the original virgin timber was cut, the forest is being allowed to "complete" succession into a mature stand, paralleling the Shenandoah National Park, where the woodland is evolving to resemble pre-Colonial forest.

    For more information on the trail and how to get there go to http://www.nature.org/wherewework/northamerica/states/virginia/preserves/art1234.html

  • Preddy Creek trail OPEN with 8.6 miles of trail! This property off Burnley Station has about 453 mostly wooded acres in Albemarle County that has been owned by Albemarle for 20+ years.
    Trail improvements span 10 to 11 miles of the 453 acres. There is a newly constructed outer loop and beginner loop, while an existing trail in the middle will provide a couple small loop variation.   In addition, there is a 3.5 mile main loop trail.  Maps available online here.

Directions: From 29 North toward Ruckersville, turn right onto Burnley Station Road, follow Burnley
       Station Road for 2.2 miles and it is on the left.  It is also West of the intersection of Burnley and Gilbert        Station.  From 20, take a left onto Burnley Station Road and it will be on your right.

Any more interesting facts about people and events in Stony Point, send to
Stony Point Central - photos encouraged as well.


Visit to the Stony Point Fire Station

What's New at the SP Fire Station?

As a result of county funding and volunteer funds, the Fire Station has a
new front entrance and much expanded Day Room; this Day Room is where the crew
hangs out complete with TV.  The Day Room accommodates a large table for
eating - or for training classes.  Next to the Day Room is a Kitchen and
Pantry.  This leads into expanded bunk rooms.   According to Bryan, this was
one of the most pressing needs - having enough beds for volunteer crews and
especially visiting volunteers from the University.

Out back, they now have a new, large building for more storage, a workout
room, and garage.  These facilities, by the way, are open to members;
meaning volunteers can come by and hang out, workout on the machines or even
use the garage to work on their car, if needed. 

If you haven't stopped by, do so and meet your fellow Stony Point friends
and firefighters.  The day crew is career staff, but from 6pm on, at night,
and on weekends, you can meet your potential fellow volunteers.   

Do you feel the need to contribute and be that Firefighter you always dreamed about?  Or, would you like to contribute in other ways, that helps the firefighters stay focused on their jobs? 

Well, if you are 16 or older, stop by and see Bryan Sunday nights or email
him at info@spvfc.org

email me